An analysis of the formation functioning and effects of black holes in the universe

October 19, They are objects of extreme density, with such strong gravitational attraction that even light cannot escape from their grasp if it comes near enough. Albert Einstein first predicted black holes in with his general theory of relativity. The term "black hole" was coined in by American astronomer John Wheelerand the first one was discovered in

An analysis of the formation functioning and effects of black holes in the universe

Zoom Out Reset image size Figure 6. Here he is shown with Dahlia Smith, age 8, and Scott Rapposelli, age 12, after his presentation on solar eclipses—where they had taken careful notes. Standard image High-resolution image Export PowerPoint slide 2.

Regularization of quantum gravity It is a near consensus that gravity should ultimately be described by quantum mechanics, like the other fields of nature.

An analysis of the formation functioning and effects of black holes in the universe

This was already recognized by Einstein in But attempts to quantize gravity perturbatively were found to exhibit severe divergences as the cutoff in the calculations approaches the Planck energy of about TeV.

The history of the extremely large and varied number of efforts to quantize gravity is summarized by Rovelli [ 13 ], and some of the many important contributors in this enterprise are shown in figure 7.

The theorists shown in this figure are among the major leaders in the long quest for a quantum theory of gravity and fundamental understanding of other forces and particles.

From left to right: Bryce DeWitt, who obtained the Wheeler-DeWitt equation for the 'wavefunction of the Universe'; it is based on the ADM classical description of gravity developed by Arnowitt, Deser, and Misner, two of whom are also shown in this photo.

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Stanley Deser, co-discoverer of supergravity. Mary K Gaillard, a leader in supersymmetry, superstrings, and related areas of theoretical physics. Bruno Zumino, co-discoverer of supersymmetry and supergravity. Michael Duff, a leading string theorist. Richard Arnowitt, co-inventor of the minimal supergravity model used in many analyses of experiment and observation.

Standard image High-resolution image Export PowerPoint slide But standard Einstein gravity has so far resisted all attempts at consistent quantization, because the coupling constant has the dimension of length whereas the coupling constants of nongravitational forces are dimensionlessand this turns out to lead to extremely rapid divergences in a perturbative calculation of quantities like scattering cross-sections if there is not a fundamental cutoff in energy near.

There are two well-known attempts to quantize gravity by imposing such a cutoff: There are many further extensions which are still under development, involving e. In loop quantum gravity [ 13 ], spacetime has a 'granularity'. Unfortunately, both of these mathematically very appealing approaches remain largely theories of gravity alone, in the sense that, after decades of brilliant work by many groups, they have still not managed either to make convincing contact with the rest of physics including the Standard Model or to make predictions that are experimentally testable.

So quantum gravity remains an extremely challenging and unsolved problem. Black hole entropy and thermodynamics Black holes were named by John Wheeler, shown in figure 8. They are now understood to play central roles in astrophysics [ 23 ], with both star-sized and supermassive black holes confirmed by a wealth of observational data.

John Wheeler invented the terms black hole, wormhole, quantum foam, and neutron moderator, and made many important contributions to gravitational and nuclear physics. He is shown here at age 4. Standard image High-resolution image Export PowerPoint slide But controversies remain about the meaning of the black hole entropy and radiation derived by Jacob Bekenstein and Stephen Hawking, as is already clear from the series of famous bets [ 2425 ] involving Hawking and Kip Thorne.

The only clear winner so far is Thorne, although Hawking has conceded his part of a bet to John Preskill for reasons that are not convincing to most experts. It is clear that these quantities are closely related to both gravity and quantum mechanics, but a fundamental mystery is why the entropy should be proportional to area rather than volume, as is the case for other physical systems.

One would like to start with the fundamental expression for entropy shown in figure 9where 'BH' represents 'black hole' or 'Bekenstein—Hawking' and then obtain 1 by counting the number of available microstates WBH. There have been many attempts in this direction in string theory, in loop quantum gravity, and in various models, but so far it has not proved possible to derive 1 for the general case of real black holes in 4-dimensional spacetime, or even for the simplest case of a static Schwarzschild black hole.COMMENT BOOK Thank you for visiting SCIENCE HOBBYIST.

The existence of the limit implied the existence of black holes (neutron stars were not then known, but their discovery later in the s did not fundamentally change this implication, since they also have a maximum mass limit), but Chandrasekhar was not the only person who believed.

For one brief shining moment after the detection of gravitational waves from colliding black holes, astronomers held out hope that the universe's mysterious dark matter might consist of a. Seeking out the invisible universe: As we have learned over the past twenty years, much of the universe is invisible to conventional telescopes.

This hidden universe holds many of the secrets of our origin, and our ultimate future. The nature of consciousness, the mechanism by which it occurs in the brain, and its ultimate place in the universe are unknown. We proposed in the mid 's that consciousness depends on biologically ‘orchestrated’ coherent quantum processes in collections of microtubules within brain neurons, that these quantum processes .

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Other works regarding the lack of measurability of time due to the effects the clock itself has on space–time (5, 6) argue that the limitation arises from the creation of black holes. We will show that our effect is independent of this effect, too.

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