Argumentative essay on young goodman brown

The old man who seems innocuous is a devil, his catechism teacher is taking part in secret evil rituals, and even his wife appears in on the action.

Argumentative essay on young goodman brown

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Hawthorne criticizes institutional religion because of its corruption. Hawthorne believes that people have misinterpreted religion and have forgotten the true meaning of religion, which is to have love, hope, and faith.

The story takes place in Salem. Salem is populated by hypocrites who cover up horrible crimes with respectability. The story has allegorical characters, such as Goody Cloyse who represents religion.

She teaches the Bible to young children. Goodman Brown has respect for her as well as the whole town. As Goodman Brown makes his way to the forest, he sees the horrors that are within. The people that he respected such as the minister, Deacon Gookin, and Goody Cloyse are all there in the forest worshiping evil.

Goodman is in shock that evil does exist in the world.

Argumentative essay on young goodman brown

When he sees all the people that he had respect for in the forest, he is shocked to see them there. He never knew that there was evil in the world until he was tempted by an old man to find the truth. The next morning Brown comes to town to see that all the people are going on with their lives as if nothing happened.

The townspeople are living a second secret life, the life of sins, crimes, and worshipping evil.

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The townspeople view religion as some sort of redemption for their sins. They pray on Sundays and commit sins the rest of the week. That explains why the institutional religion is corrupt. Many believe that Young Goodman Brown was dreaming the whole experience in the forest up.

Whether or not Brown was dreaming, he takes this experience to heart. He isolates himself and becomes cynical and distrustful. The whole story is symbolic of a terribly religious journey. His reaction to the townspeople at the end of the story is warranted. He had all his faith and love for the townspeople and his religion.

When Brown saw the townspeople that thought him religion in the forest, the truth crushed his soul. This could simply be seen as a religious awaking for Brown.

The Minister's Black Veil Thesis Statements and Essay Topics

The religion he respected and the people who thought him the religion turned out to be corrupted. The Deacon Gookin who is supposed to be a man, who puts people on the right path of humanity, is actually baptizing people into their cult.Get an answer for 'What is a good argumentive question to ask in a essay, that also leaves the reader interested?What is a good argumentive question to ask in a essay, that also leaves the reader.

Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #3: “Young Goodman Brown" and Complimentary Themes Found in Other Works By Nathaniel Hawthorne One of the best ways to consider many of the themes in “Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is to look it in the context of his other works.

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Essay Sample On Symbolism In Young Goodman Brown

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