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Available thesis sweden

Internet Consumption minutes per day: Located in northern Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsula between Finland and Norway, Sweden issquare kilometers, about double the size of the United Kingdom.

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This area includes 39, square kilometers of Available thesis sweden, and Sweden's coastline runs 3, kilometers.

The terrain is flat for the most part with some rolling hills, much forest, and more substantial mountains in western Sweden. The climate is temperate in the South with cold winters and cool summers.

The northern part of Sweden experiences a sub-arctic climate. Average temperatures range from 38 degrees Fahrenheit 3. Annual rainfall averages millimeters. Modern Sweden is highly industrialized and is known for its progressive social policies.

Inthe country's population was estimated at 8, with 65 percent between the ages of 15 and 64 years old, whereas the rest of the population is equally divided between those 14 years of age and younger and those 65 years of age and older.

Life expectancy is approximately 80 years, and Sweden has a near zero population growth rate. The country is remarkably homogeneous with 89 percent of the population having a Swedish heritage.

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Finnish and Saami make up the largest ethnic minorities. The common language is Swedish with small Lapp and Finnish speaking groups. Stockholm is the capitol of the country and has a population of overThe next largest city is Goteborg with a population near ,; Malmo is the third largest city with approximatelypeople.

More than 83 percent of the population lives in an urban area. Generally, the Swedish economy has been successful and is a combination of capitalism and a substantial welfare system.

Sweden emphasizes social welfare, and these programs are the largest expense for the government, followed by expenditures for education and then cultural programs.

Swedes pay high taxes, but they receive a wide array of public services and social welfare programs, including national health insurance coverage for all citizens.

The quality of health care is excellent, and health care centers are available in every community. All are guaranteed a minimum standard of living, and income is redistributed over a person's lifetime as Sweden is socialistic and seeks to narrow income gaps.

Available thesis sweden

In fact, almost all families are middle class, and poverty is practically unknown. Few explicit displays of wealth can be found, and Swedes tend not to drive fancy sports cars or sport utility vehicles; more than half own Volvos.

All citizens receive a basic pension beginning at the age of Available thesis projects in Sweden are advertised in our job list and we also accept proposals for thesis subjects via the Career contact form. If you are interested in doing your thesis project at Scania in a different country please visit the national web sites where Scania’s local distributors and workshops provide details of cooperation.

Sweden Structure of Educational System Pre-higher Education System Higher Education System Administrative structure of higher education Admissions to Higher Education and Recognition. KIB is part of the ongoing project which aims to plan for and build a virtual Research Data Office (RDO) at KI.

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