Cool runnings movie

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Cool runnings movie

Box office[ edit ] The film debuted at No. Differences between real life and film[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message Cool Runnings was loosely based on real life events surrounding the formation of the Jamaican bobsled team.

The movie is mainly composed of fictional characters. Some of the incidents that occurred in the film were real, such as the favorites to win the four-man event beating the Swiss team which they didand the crash that eliminated the Jamaicans from further competition.

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However, there were several creative liberties taken by the filmmakers in order to complete the story. Characters[ edit ] The members of the team in the film are fictional characters, although the people who conceived the idea of a Jamaican bobsled team were inspired by pushcart racers and tried to recruit top track sprinters.

However, they did not find any elite sprinters interested in competing and Cool runnings movie recruited four sprinters from the Air Force for the team.

Cool runnings movie

Irving "Irv" Blitzer is a fictional character; the real team had several trainers, none of whom were connected to any cheating scandal. At the time of the movie's release, the United States had not won a gold medal in bobsleigh at the Winter Olympics in the four man event since They would not win the gold again until In the film, the team is formed by Jamaican sprinters after failing to qualify for the Summer Olympics.

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Organization[ edit ] A fictional all-encompassing winter sports governing body, the "International Alliance of Winter Sports", appears in the film.

Prince Albert of Monaco was among those who made the successful appeal [18]. Competition[ edit ] One of the most fictionalized parts of Cool Runnings was the competition itself.

The bobsled competition in the film consists of three individual runs held on three consecutive days, whereas in reality the Olympic bobsled competition consists of four runs - two runs a day held over two consecutive days. In the film, the Jamaicans are regarded as unwelcome outsiders to the Games by other countries particularly East Germany and ridiculed.

In reality, the Jamaicans were treated as equals and there was no real animosity between the team and their competitors; in fact, the Jamaicans were aided by the United States team who lent them one of their backup sleds so they could qualify, so they did not have to buy another team's spare sled.

In reality, they were in 24th place out of 26 after their first run was completed in Their second run was completed in On the third run, they had the worst time 1: Of the runs that were completed in the four-man competition, nobody else posted a time over one minute.

So going into the final run, the Jamaicans were in 26th last place with a cumulative time of 3: This placed them 3. They would have had to complete a world-record shattering time under As the driver steers, a nut and bolt on the control column work loose, eventually causing a loss of control as the bobsleigh comes out of a turn and subsequently crashes.

In reality, the crash happened in the fourth and final run, and it was deemed that driver inexperience, excess speed, and regressing the turn too high caused the sled to become unstable and top heavy seconds prior to it toppling onto its left side.

Real TV footage of the actual crash was used in the film but was heavily edited to fit in with the film's version of the crash.

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Both the run and the high speed crash were disorienting: In reality, they did not carry the sled but walked next to it.Based on the true story of the Jamaica Olympic bobsled team. How much of the details of the film are actual facts is unknown but it is true that Jamaica did send a four man bobsled team to the Olympics in Calgary.

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"Cool Runnings" is one of the most popular Olympics movies of the past few decades, and it's mostly made up. It's based on a true story, but a member of the unlikely Jamaican bobsled team that.

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Cool Runnings is a very good comedy about a Jamaican Bob Sled team. This is a well made comedy with lots of laughs, a decent cast, and of course the brilliance of John Candy.

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