Essay on ban use of cell phone while driving

At this point, there is a patchwork of state laws regarding cell phone use in the car, with other bills making their away through state legislatures. What's on the books in your state?

Essay on ban use of cell phone while driving

Search Share It's the driver. People who talk on cell phones tend to be more unsafe drivers, says a new study from MIT that included a test drive. That's the conclusion of a new study, which finds that people who talk on their phones while driving may already be unsafe drivers who are nearly as prone to crash with or without the device.

The findings may explain why laws banning cell phone use in motor vehicles have had little impact on accident rates. The study involved people, equally divided into three age groups: For each person, the researchers correlated answers on a questionnaire with data collected from on-board sensors during a minute test drive up Interstate 93 north of Boston.

The drivers commanded a black Volvo SUV tricked out with an eye tracker, heart and skin monitors, video cameras facing out the front and back windows, on-board sensors, and other research gear.

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No cell phones were allowed during these trips. Instead, before they got behind the wheel, the study participants filled in answers about how often they used a cell phone while driving, how they felt about speeding and passing other cars, and how many times in the last year they had been warned or cited for speeding, running traffic lights and stop signs, and other infractions.

The team grouped the participants into "frequent users" those who talked on the phone while driving a few times a week or more and "rare users" those who talked while driving a few times a month or less. Compared with people who rarely talked as they steered, frequent cell phone users drove faster, changed lanes more frequently, spent more time in the left lane, and engaged in more hard braking maneuvers and rapid accelerationsaccording to the SUV's onboard equipment.

Frequent cell phone users, for example, zoomed along about 4. But "the fundamental problem may be the behavior of the individuals willing to pick up the technology. They may also explain another mystery. In two other studies, the institute has found no reduction in crashes due to hand-held cell phone or texting bans, based on insurance claim rates in states with and without the laws.

The findings may help explain why legislation banning mobile phone use has had little measurable impact on overall crash rates, speculate the study authors.

Essay on ban use of cell phone while driving

The index surveys more than people each year. The foundation wants to change driver behavior, a challenge more complex than banning phones, he says.California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Utah, Washington and the District of Columbia ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving, and 17 states and D.C.

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Is using a cell phone while driving bad for your health? - Duration: Sep 08,  · This makes people drive with happiness. Some people think they’re going to die if a cell phone isn’t with them for one second. This is crazy! I love to text and call people, but please be careful using cell phones while driving.

In conclusion, cell phones while . SP Principles of Public Speaking Assignment 6_06 Organizing and Outlining Your Speech Date of Submission 06/01/ Title: Why banning the use of cell phones while driving should be mandatory nationwide A) General Purpose: To inform the audience about how unsafe it is to drive a car while texting or talking On your cell phone.

Alternatively to the ban of the cell phone use while driving, it is possible to oblige drivers to use hands-free accessories to keep using their cell phone and driving focusing entirely on their driving.

Essay on Cell Phone Use and Smoking while Driving Should be Banned - Cell phones have been known to distract the driver from concentrating on the road. But should cell phone use while driving really be banned.

A majority of the nation agrees to ban cell phones in the use by the driver.

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