Faithful firm true book critique

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Faithful firm true book critique

July 30, Dear Pastor, Thank you for sending me your tapes. There were some things shared on the tapes that concerned me which I will now reluctantly share. I consider you a likeminded believer in so many ways and I have appreciated so much your Bible teaching ministry and because of this it troubled me when I discovered an area where we apparently are not in agreement.

My main concern is your teaching that denies that a true believer will continue in the faith to the end. Unless I have misunderstood you, you believe that a truly saved person can stop believing and totally depart from the faith.

He can have a faith that does not endure. You gave an example of Believer A though you did not label him as such who believes on Faithful firm true book critique on his deathbed and then dies one day later. Believer B believes on Christ for one month and then falls away and becomes totally apostate and no longer believes in Christ.

Both Believer A and Believer B will go to heaven. You then gave the example of a believer who went to Japan, married a Japanese girl, got caught up in Buddhism and started worshiping idols.

You believe this man is saved even though he totally departed from the faith, abandoned Christ and repudiated the Bible. You believe it is possible for a person to absolutely reject the truth of God and still be saved as long as he at one time believed in Christ.

You used the example of Solomon who married foreign wives and turned to idolatry and this is the last we read about Solomon and he never repented.

Faithful firm true book critique

This reminds me of the example Zane Hodges gave of a close friend of his who labored in the ministry with him, but after his wife died of a difficult illness, he no longer claimed to be a Christian at all and no longer believed the things he once preached and taught.

In the classroom of some university campus he often mocked and ridiculed the Christian faith.

Faithful firm true book critique

He totally renounced his Christian faith. Hodges said of this man, "He has lost his faith but Christ has not lost him. A saved person in Scripture is sometimes referred to as a "believer" Acts 5: How can a person be a believer and not believe?

How can a person be a Christ-rejecting believer or a Christ-denying believer? How can a person totally reject the truth of God and the gospel of grace and be a saved believer?

If a person departs from this foundation and becomes a total apostate, then how could he be a saved person? To me an "unbelieving believer" does not make sense. If a person does not "hold fast" to the gospel message, then according to Paul he is not saved.

He has believed in vain 1 Cor. He not only keeps us saved but He keeps us believing in Christ as Saviour. Our faith may be very weak but it does not utterly fail.

The person who does not "hold fast the confidence and rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end" Heb. He was just a temporary attachment scaffolding.

The way you can tell that scaffoldinig is not part of the true building is that after a time it falls away and does not continue with the building see 1 John 2: Christ interceded for Peter, "that thy faith fail not" and does not He intercede for all believers in the same way?

Is His prayer going to go unanswered in some cases? See enclosed study sheets on "Continuing in the Faith. That true believers can fail and fall into serious sin is obvious though we wish it were more obvious to Lordship advocates.

The issue is, can a truly saved person totally deny the faith and totally abandon Christ? What makes Judas worse than other total apostates? A saved person, by definition, is one who is trusting in the finished work of Christ, a fact that you oft stressed in these tapes.

He may during his lifetime have failed Christ in a million ways and have accumulated wagon loads of wood, hay and stubble, but if asked on his deathbed, "Who are you trusting?

What is your hope? Suppose you visited a man on his deathbed without knowing his past history and you ask, "Are you trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour? I hate the Christian faith. The Bible was written by men and is full of lies.

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Faithful, Firm and True Book Critique