Greek gods and human connectio

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Greek gods and human connectio

The mysterious origins of the Polynesians, is a subject that has generated a great deal of controversy over the years. The Polynesians live in some of the most isolated communities in the world, yet the people of Polynesia possess a richness of culture, that indicates a great deal of interaction has occurred with other cultures in their formative years.

They are a wise, proud, competitive and spiritually aware culture, possessing a complex society with Kings and Queens. Hardly the sort of culture one would expect to be generated amongst a small group of isolated individuals living on coral atolls and small volcanic islands.

Despite this, many scientists still believe Polynesian society has emerged from a small group of individuals out of the 'big man' Melanesian society, a society which is structured in a completely different manner to Polynesian society.

Melanesians take the richest, most charismatic man as their leader, whereas Polynesians have a complex class society that is based on a hereditary system that goes back 16, years to a lady called Lailai, royalty is termed 'Ali'i' and the name for female 'hine', is from the ancient Sumerian moon goddess hina, suggesting some very deep roots in the old world.

Many scientists still believe Polynesians 'mysteriously' lost their dark skin, frizzy hair, their Melanesian genes and their knowledge Greek gods and human connectio pottery when they arrived in Polynesia - an assumption that has no credible scientific backing.

Eastern Polynesians worshipped different gods to the Melanesians, they used different sailing craft catamarans, not outrigger canoesdifferent tools and artifacts, including; tikis, grinding pestles, the use of jade, harpoons, lures and two piece fishhooks which are more similar in design to Kwakuitl and Haida artefacts of Canada.

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For many years it seemed that the truth about Polynesian origins was going to slip from our grasp forever, but recently, genetics has started to provide us with the answers we have all been looking for. As a result, the understanding of world prehistory and in particular, Pacific prehistory is undergoing some radical new changes.

Lapita pottery has long been held as the key to Polynesian colonization of the Pacific, despite there being no hard evidence to prove it. In fact the deeper one delves into the archaeology tool comparisonschronology time of habitationoral history legends of originskeletal morphology and gene trees ancestral trails of the Pacific one finds that the connection between Polynesian society and the Lapita culture is very tenuous indeed.

Many scientists still firmly believe that the Polynesians made Lapita pottery, despite the fact that this pottery is not found in Polynesia.

It is only found on Western Pacific Islands amongst Melanesian artifacts.

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On many Melanesian islands archaeological deposits show there have been very few changes in culture right up to the pottery making society that still exists on these islands today.

Furthermore, no Polynesian style artefacts have ever been found amongst Lapita pottery in Tonga or amongst post-Lapita plainware pottery in Samoa. As I read more and more papers on the subject, I realised there was no connection between Polynesians and the Lapita people whatsoever. Not one piece of hard evidence - anywhere.

Despite this, I found many students and scientists started their research by assuming without question, that Lapita was Polynesian. As this is clearly an incorrect assumption, any paper based on this misconception has little to no scientific merit. It seemed that many scientists due to the specialized nature of their research, were unable to see the forest for the trees with regard to cultural connections between Polynesians and other societies around the world.

Stepping back and examining the bigger picture of human prehistory has led to some surprising revelations. As a result, I have come to realise that there are many fundamental misconceptions regarding the prehistory of man that need to be addressed before the colonization of the Pacific can be fully understood.

These can be summarised as follows: Genetic trails indicate there has been a great deal more trans oceanic voyaging in ancient times than previously thought, yet migration routes continue to be drawn via land only.

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Instead, genetics appears to indicate the Kuroshio current of the North Pacific was the main pathway from Asia to America. Genetic studies of present island populations only describe the ancestral tree of the present inhabitants. Unless there was significant interbreeding during an extended changeover period there may be no genetic evidence of previous inhabitants.

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Archaeological digs on Pacific islands commonly show large chronological gaps between sites, suggesting there was no connection between present and past populations, possibly due to natural catastrophes. Natural catastrophes, especially tsunamis, have repeatedly seriously altered the development of human populations around the world, yet have been ignored by most researchers.

Gradualism does have its place in the genesis of a society, but catastrophes do occur. There have been many peaks in the development of organized human society in the lastyears. Past periods of globalization - mainly through sea trade, have been many, and a comparative analysis of languages, genetics, archaeology and cultures around the world, clearly shows that many trans-oceanic connections have occurred between seemingly unrelated cultures in the past.

Unfortunately diffusionist theories are out of fashion at present. The Americas have played a much bigger part in world prehistory than previously accepted, yet the official story is that Christopher Columbus was the first person to cross the Atlantic, despite a plethora of evidence to the contrary.

In fact the Bering land bridge hypothesis appears to have no scientific backing whatsoever. Scientists are beginning to admit there was no ice free corridor during the height of the last Ice Age.The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts.

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Greek gods and human connectio

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