How to write an english coursework commentary on zechariah

He again confirms what I have already stated, — that their return would not be in vain, though many said, that the Jews had done foolishly in having returned so quickly into their own country; and they condemned their determination, as though they had been suddenly carried away by extreme ardor.

How to write an english coursework commentary on zechariah

Was Completed circa BC Zechariah Luther's second commentary on Zechariah was written one year after his first but still had minimal explanation of Zechariah For I am not sure what the prophet is talking about.

In fact someone has written that there are at least seven different interpretations of Zechariah 14! Of course, there is only one correct interpretation. To help understand Zechariah 14 keep two basic points in mind as you read and study: The end of Satan's dominion over earth and the beginning of Christ's dominion over the earth.

The end of the era of godlessness and beginning of the era of holiness. Day of war - Zechariah The time setting in both chapters is the same. Some have claimed that this chapter surpasses all the others in Zechariah in obscurity, and have thought the passage defies historical explanation.

On the other hand, the prophecy has been assigned to the invasion of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar in BC or to the siege of the city by Titus in 70 AD with his Roman legions.

Suffice it to say, every feature of this invasion differentiates it from the two just mentioned. We have before us the depiction of the War of Armageddon.

The day is so designated because in it God means to vindicate His justice and destroy the wicked. It is the day of the Lord as in prophecies of Joel, Zephaniah, Malachi, and elsewhere.

The beginning of the chapter takes us back to the time indicated in the first part of Zec It is customary with the prophets to give a general statement and then expand the theme later by the addition of details.

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From other Scriptures we know that before the events outlined in this passage take place, the nation Israel is regathered to the land in unbelief and has made a covenant with the false Messiah, the foolish shepherd of Zec Few chapters, if any, in the Scriptures are of greater eschatological significance than the chapter before us, and few passages reveal more clearly the vast difference between the literal interpretation of prophecy and the figurative or spiritualizing.

Lowe is prepared to confess: We are compelled therefore to interpret the chapter wholly in a figurative and Messianic sense. When the passage is interpreted in the literal sense, it harmonizes with all that Zechariah has revealed thus far and with the prophecies concerning the consummation for Israel found throughout the Scriptures.

These motifs include the return of fertility like that in paradise cf.

how to write an english coursework commentary on zechariah

More broadly, Zech 14 makes extensive use of earlier biblical texts, applying and sometimes broadening the focus of these passages in presenting the eschatological message. The pivotal concern of the passage is to show that YHWH comes on their behalf in order to complete at long last all the purposes for which He had elected, redeemed, and preserved them.

When Israel has finally fulfilled her covenant mandate as a kingdom of priests, drawing the nations of earth redemptively to YHWH her God, then, and only then, will her mission and the course of human history simultaneously come to an end.

Then and only then will YHWH be all in all. Exegetical Commentary-Zechariah Behold - Indeed, what a glorious chapter to behold! In short, the Spirit is trying to arrest our attention!

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Zechariah I lifted up mine eyes, &c., and behold a man — An angel in the form of a man, probably representing Nehemiah, under whose direction the wall was rebuilt, according to the ancient line marked out by the ruins. See Nehemiah 3., &c, &c.

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their works cannot be overlooked. Haggai and Zechariah were. leaders in the cultic reform of the Israelite people. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write. Read Zechariah commentary using John Gill's Exposition of the Bible.

Study the bible online using commentary on Zechariah and more! Zechariah Zechariah Zechariah and with these direct their course; when a tempest rises, standing on both feet, they spread their wings, lay their bill upon their breast, and turn their.

Commentary on the Prophecy of Zechariah - Audio and Written Bible Commentary. The Prophecy of Zechariah – Part 1, Visions Near and Far. In our notes on the period, it has been established that where the English versions of Nehemiah have Artaxerxes.

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