Johnsons struggles in ann petrys like a winding sheet

Novel excerpt of chapter 10published by G. For friendship, advice and support:

Johnsons struggles in ann petrys like a winding sheet

You could even drive past it and completely miss the roughly-fashioned sign announcing its presence. Inside, a group of blacksmiths are forging the usual standard supplies of gates, hinges and other ironwork for local farms, and handrails to adorn staircases and garden steps in dozens of private homes.

Meanwhile, just over a mile to the southeast is another of their installations: On the other hand, in the unlikely event of the kitchen goddess falling on hard times and needing a saucepan repaired, the Allerford team would happily oblige. Heading it is Kyle Roberts, who took over the forge three years ago after a succession of false starts by others attempting to breathe new life into what for generations had been a local institution.

At one time the buildings stood empty for five years, and the passing of time, the occasional flooding by the river that runs past the rear and, to be honest, a lack of investment by the landlord, the National Trust, have all left their mark on the property.

But if the six-strong team is working in third-rate accommodation its work is never less than first class — hence the national attention it attracts.

The Allerford forge was once the domain of the legendary Fred Kent, whose moment of fame came in the late s when he was appointed farrier to the British Olympic equestrian team, then based and training at a riding school in nearby Porlock. One of the best — if not the best.

Jim still looks in from time to time even though he classes himself as semi-retired, and he will help us with designing stuff.

We are very lucky. He is very keen to help younger lads, to pass on his knowledge. They are all learning on the job. Then there are the wine racks fashioned from horse shoes which hark back to the days when shoeing was an everyday routine here.

Next door, metal is being heated in the heart of the forge, kept at a glowing, near white-hot intensity by an electric blower. The smell of hot coke and the noise of hammer on steel take me back to my childhood when I would watch the local blacksmith making and fitting horseshoes or forging mattocks — he used the old Somerset name, bisgays — out of bands of heavy-gauge steel, while keeping the coals glowing with hand-powered bellows.

Around the forge with Kyle are local man Tom Leader, who completed his welding and fabrication qualifications while working here, and apprentice Billy Hunter, whose father, George, also comes in to help with specialist contracts.

The working space is cramped for so many people, though in summer a smaller outdoor forge can be fired up. But, says Kieren, getting the National Trust to agree to alterations and extensions — such as a badly-needed new gallery — is proving a frustratingly slow process.

Johnsons struggles in ann petrys like a winding sheet

So much so, he says, that the volume of work now coming in means the business is perilously close to outgrowing its home. People are supporting us really, really well.

We do a huge amount of work for private clients and local architects, such as gates and railings, and we are very lucky because from the local work it is amazing how many contacts you make.

We do try to keep our costs low so we can keep our prices low. But we never forget where our bread and butter is. Providing a service to local retail butchers and improved and updated cutting and butchery service for private stockholders, farm shops etc… Permanent on-site butcher to personally deal with every private customer.

Kyle Roberts, main picture, took over Allerford Forge three years ago after a succession of false starts by others attempting to breathe new life into what for generations had been a local institution.

Lottie Allen, head gardener at the National Trust-owned property says: Up untilwhen there was very heavy snow, they were about the same height — and straight. It means there is a lot more surface area than there was before the snow, but they are fun.

I think I would go so far as to say that we do enjoy cutting them, but it becomes a bit onerous towards the end. He talks about his latest TV project Some Girls, those rumours that he may play the next Bond, and why jazz music is so important to him What can we expect from series two of Some Girls?

Johnsons struggles in ann petrys like a winding sheet

Well, more of the same in terms of speed of humour and wittiness, but I think the characters now seem to be more rounded, more consolidated. You have grown-up daughters of your own. It does a bit. Funnily enough, it reminds me more of my sisters and growing up in Luton.

It was a little bit more manic then — my daughters are a bit more controlled! Earlier this year, Pierce Brosnan backed you to be the next James Bond.

It was fantastic, and to be in Manchester, part of that Granada tradition, was a great honour. After participating last year, are you watching the current run of Strictly Come Dancing?

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