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Transworld case

I've been able to work from RV parks, deserts, mountain tops, and beaches. Although I've had great results with an MFJ Big Ear Transworld case, I found that under changing band conditions, reconfiguring the antenna for a new band is time consuming and distracting. About 8 months ago, I worked another ham who was using the TW indoors from his living room and running about 50W.

He had a great signal that did not fade and remained consistent throughout the QSO. After checking them out and reading reviews, etc.

I ordered the travel bag and the antenna and controller which all fit neatly inside the bag with extra compartments on the inside and outside for ancillary gear along with a couple of Velcro straps for coax, etc.

After receiving he antenna, I tried it out in my backyard, a couple of nearby hillsides, and a parking lot. The TW takes all of about minutes to assemble and set up.

The entire antenna is self-supporting so there is no need to carry a separate pop-up mast or tripod. I purchased the electronic controller which makes the whole thing worthwhile.

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Once set up, the only requirement to change bands is the turn of a switch. Transworld recommends using at least 65' of coax with the antenna and you must ensure that the coax and control cable come off the antenna at a 45 degree angle towards the ground and the coax cannot have any kinks or coils in it.

I place the cable contact point with the ground about 10' feet from the antenna. I recommend carrying a rock or sandbag with you to hold the cables to the ground. Also, don't try using the antenna too close to a metallic structure.

Transworld case

As for the results, I was pleasantly surprised. Receive is excellent on all bands meters. Transmit is also quite good for such a simple antenna.

The current sunspot cycle has left a bit to be desired on HF but this antenna shines if given even a slight opening. From a hillside above Sacramento, CA one day, under so-so conditions, I was able to work stations all across the country including Alaska and Hawaii on 5 watts!.

I recently set up a FTD for portable use. Using about 80 watts of power, I have worked a fair bit of DX with the antenna and lots of domestic stations including a pilot over Alaska. I can usually count on a good signal report as well, usually S-7 to S The only downside I see to this antenna is the price.

Bottom line, if you want an antenna for travel or stealth that is quick and easy to set up, easily changes bands, and performs as advertised, buy the There are cheaper antennas but but this one is a very good performer and is the epitome of convenience.I get the feeling that Delta has the whip hand here.

Boeing has a massive vested interest in unravelling the legal case.

Transworld case

It has got completely out of hand and surely senior management see this. TransWorld Antennas TW Traveler HF Portable Vertical Antenna product reviews by real people like you.

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